Ray's Arithmetic

Ray's Primary Arithmetic (1855) by Joseph Ray - Grades 1-2

Ray's Intellectual Arithmetic (1860)- Grades 2-4

The rudiments of written arithmetic : containing slate and black-board exercises for beginners and designed for graded schools (c1877)

Ray's Practical Arithmetic (1885) - Grades 5-6

Key to Ray's Modern Arithmetic's, intellectual and practical 1879)

Ray's Test Examples (1883)

Ray's Higher Arithmetic (1880) Grades 7 and up

Key to Higher Arithmetic (1881)

The Elements of Algebra (1866)

Ray's Algebra Part first

Ray's algebra, part second : an analytical treatise, designed for high schools and colleges (1857, c1852)

Key to Ray's Algebra Parts First and Second

TREATISE on GEOMETRY and TRIGONOMETRY: for colleges, schools and private students


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