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Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Audio Interview with Holocaust Victim
  • Paul Heimler, a Holocaust Survivor interviewed by Mary Aguilar Buttafuoco (Appeared on HBO's, The Soprano's) of Victims Speak Out.

    Listen to internet radio with Mary Aguilar on Blog Talk Radio

  • Thursday, July 22, 2010

    Spanish TV

    For Children:

    Spanish TV

    Educational TV

    Cartoon Network Mexico

    Watch live video from ☆ A_D_N ☆ on
    For Adults:

    Watch live video from ◄↨LAS MEJORES PELICULAS EN HD↨► on

    Watch live video from thesimpsonschannel1 on

    Foreign Language Learning Games

    * Foreign Language Learning Games

    Special Needs

    * Special Needs
    * NCHE Homeschool Resource Guide

    Spelling Resources

    * Spelling Resources


    * National Weather Center alerts

    Free Bibles

    * Free King James Version Bible

    Computer System

    Computer Hope - Gives you your computer's System Information

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Watch TV Online for FREE


    ---> Nick Jr

    ---> LetMeWatchThis


    The ultimate Guide to Live TV Webcast: World Wide Internet TV website

    Live News Cameras

    Live TV Center

    Mashable Social Networking News (33 Ways to Watch Free TV Online)

    Squid TV

    My Easy Tv (Sports, Movies, News, Music, and more)

    TV Live

    United Nations Webcast

    Watch Internet TV

    Watch TV Online
    TV Full episodes Full Episodes

    CBS News Videos (Top Stories and Video News Clips)

    CBS Full Episodes

    CBS Sports Videos (NFL, NBA, etc…)

    NBC (Watch full episodes of selected shows)

    AOL Video (has a wide variety of television full length episodes. Just click Categories and the network you desire.)

    TNT DramaVision

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Fun with Photos

    * 11 Sites to Cartoon Yourself
    * 25 Websites To Have Fun With Your Photos
    * FlauntR
    * BeFunky
    * Funny Photos
    * FunPhoto Effects


    Google Translator

    Books Online

  • Ambleside online--Access to the classics--

  • Barnes and Noble Build Your Own Library of Classic Books
  • eBooks
  • Many books from Robinsons Curriculum
  • World Book Fair
  • Download free Microsoft Reader ebooks
  • Spanish Audio Books

    * CUENTOS INFANTILES Y JUVENILES(Libros y Audiolibros)
    * has a large list of audio books

    Audio Books Resources

  • BooksAlley
  • Go Big West has a list of books in audio that Robinsons Curriculum uses.
  • Kids Audio Books
  • Learn-Out-Loud
  • Story Nory
  • Storyline Online Books are read to your child by a celebrity.
  • Books Should be Free!
  • Biography for Kids

    BIOGRAPHIES for KIDS: Famous Leaders for Young Readers. Presidents of the United States, World Leaders, Inventors, Women who made a difference, Activities, and much more!

    Biography Videos

    * Bio True story by the Biography Channel

    * Biographies for kids K-12 from Neok12.

    History Videos


    Sunday, July 11, 2010


  • "Theseus and the Minotaur"
  • Spanish alphabet song (military style) by Barbara MacAurthur

    Bible Online

    * 1611 King James Bible online. Electronic text and image. You can see what the bible looked like back then!

    * King James, translated directly from the 1611 version.

    Free Music Lessons Online

    Interactive Math

  • Big Brainz
  • Fun Brain
  • Learning Games for Fun
  • Math Fact Cafe - Free math worksheets for elementary school and home use. This includes generators for math drills, flashcards, time, money, and more!
  • Math is Fun
  • Math Playground
  • Sheppard Software - Fun Online Math Games
  • White Crane Education is a provider of mathematics resources for non-traditional learners, in particular home schooling families.
  • Math Videos

    * Free-Ed.Net offers a wide range of free online math courses and study programs.

    Internet4Classrooms* Mathematics Games, practice and other Resources, including assessments.

    * 1st Grade Math from eHow

    * Brightstorm Math
    2,000+ FREE Videos – Every Topic in Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trignometry, Precalculus and Calculus

    Math Worksheets

    Free Math Worksheets and Generator From

    Math Games

    SailOn Include Grades Elementary - High School. It also includes Music.

    Arcademic Skill Builders Online Educational Games

    HoodaMath This site is full of math games and that is what make learning fun and effective. HoodaMath also has tutorials, worksheets, and movies.

    Saxon Math

    * Practice Problems

    * Placement Test

    * 4th Grade Math

     * Saxon Math 5/4 complete book online from Union County School Solution Manual: ISBN: 1-59141-273-0 (

    * Saxon Math 6/4 complete book online

    Saxon Math 5/4 38% off

    Ray's Arithmetic

    Ray's Primary Arithmetic (1855) by Joseph Ray - Grades 1-2

    Ray's Intellectual Arithmetic (1860)- Grades 2-4

    The rudiments of written arithmetic : containing slate and black-board exercises for beginners and designed for graded schools (c1877)

    Ray's Practical Arithmetic (1885) - Grades 5-6

    Key to Ray's Modern Arithmetic's, intellectual and practical 1879)

    Ray's Test Examples (1883)

    Ray's Higher Arithmetic (1880) Grades 7 and up

    Key to Higher Arithmetic (1881)

    The Elements of Algebra (1866)

    Ray's Algebra Part first

    Ray's algebra, part second : an analytical treatise, designed for high schools and colleges (1857, c1852)

    Key to Ray's Algebra Parts First and Second

    TREATISE on GEOMETRY and TRIGONOMETRY: for colleges, schools and private students

    Online Dictionary

    1828 edition of Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language
    SafeLink Wireless is a government supported program
    that provides a FREE cell phone and airtime each
    month for income-eligible customers.

    Against the Law to Homeschool in California

    FREE HELP: Check out this list of RESOURCES...

    Where to go for HELP...

    • Go to the "Free" section on Craigslist You may find the furniture, clothing, washer/dryer, and other things you may need.

    • Freecycle Network(TM) - Look for your local group. It's about GIVING & RECEIVING items to keep them out of the landfills. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm a moderator & co-owner at my local group and would be

    • FreeNapkin system is very easy to use. Simply claim items you want and then provide a positive feedback once you receive the item.

    • One Hand Helping Another… 2 Hands
    • Florida Summer Food Program for school age children
    NOTE: If you've tried any of these, please post a comment and tell how about it, thanks!

    Learn Spanish Online for FREE

    For younger students:
  • Go Go Lingo is a fantastic site for learning Spanish with your child! Fun learning games and activities!
  • Salsa Salsa is a comprehensive Spanish program for young children featuring puppets, state-of-the-art graphics, animation and a good dose of humor.
  • Spanish Flash Cards
  • Printable Alphabet book

    For older students:

  • Study Spanish
  • Foreign Service Institute.
  • Live Mocha
  • LingQ - Learn English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian,Chinese, Portuguese and Swedish with more languages coming soon. Increase your vocabulary, help from a personal tutor, study online 24/7 and meet people from around the world.
  • BBC Languages

  • Spanish Dictionary
  • Interactive Games

    * Disney's Hollow
    * Webkinz
    * Nick Jr.
    * KidPort
    * Millsberry
    * Tiny Planets World of kid's stuff! Videos, games, crafts, lesson plans
    * NetSmartz Kids Teaches kids about online safety

    Interactive Websites for Social Studies

    Interactive Websites for the social studies classroom


    Interactive Websites for the Social Studies Classroom Webinar Karen Brooks
    Materials Located at:
    • We Didn't Start The Fire
    • Video Conversion Tool See Karen Brooks' converter Bookmarks:

    • Interactive Interactive Constitution
    • Constitutional TimeLine
    • Constitution Power Grab Game - - Interactive Maps - Tax Calculations - Google Earth The Underground Railroad - Lweis and Clark Exp. - Third World Farmer - National Geographic The World - Map of Roman Empire - http:// Practice Quizzes - Virtual History of Japan - Regents Prep - Interactive WWI - WWII History Test - Manifest Destiny - Great Resources Women’s Suffrage On This Day WWII Resources - Primary Documents & Games Place the State - World Quiz Geography - South and Central American Georgraphy Games European Games - Asia Africa - Capitol Quiz - Jeopardy Map Skills Games Map Games - WWI Over the Top - Interactive Geography - Global Island Democracy Game - History of the Supreme Court - Where’s Sindy? More Resources Library of Congress Photo Stream - Brooklyn Daily Eagle Political Parties and Global Leaders - How to Teach with Primary Documents Lesson Development samples all grades - SS Elementary - http:// /com - Homework Helper for SS from Discovery – Basic Skills for SS - SS Middle Erie Canal Quiz SS High School Franklin an Enlightened Thinker Government Quiz The Conquistadors - Key Timelines and Dates - WWI Resources - SS Webquests Birth of the Early Middle Ages Webquest - Civil War Personal Journal Webquest - A Revolutionary Webquest - Revolutionary News Paper WebQuest - Revolutionary War Webquest - WebQuest Folktales and Legends - Johnny Tremain Webquest - Anne Frank and Children of the Holocaust Webquest - Ancient Civilizations Webquest - Other Digital StoryTelling in SS - State by State Booklist and Before the Benjamins Learning About the Holocaust through Art- Create an Interactive Map with Excel - Video Conversion Tool - - Search of History Quia Games Quia American History - Quia Citizenship - Quia World History - Quia Social Studies - Timeline References - Pearl Harbor Video Page- and WWII Interactive Maps - WWII Air Combat Films - and photo gallery WWII Interactive - Anne Frank Story - Holocaust TimeLine - The Living Room Candidate - Thompson Paper World Money and Famous Faces - Breathing Earth -

    Online Books

    Free online books library for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast.Readprint

    Free Movie Sites

    * LetMeWatchThis
    * Watch Movies Online For Free
    * Paper Moon
    * Back to the Future 1, 2, 3
    * John Clark The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Ralph S. Mouse, Runaway Ralph, Curious George George Goes to the Zoo, and more to watch for FREE!

    Watch live video from Under the Theater on

    Paper Moon

    Evolution Videos

    * Disclaimer: This is for information to build knowledge. It is not necessarily my belief for or against.

    - PBS Evolution
    - Carl Sagan On Evolution
    - Carl Sagan - Evolution

    Homeschool is FUN!