"The Life of George Washington" by Josephine Pollard

Today completes the reading of "The Life of George Washington". This book was written by Josephine Pollard, who was born in 1834 in New York City. She passed away in 1892. She wrote several children's books, hymns, and poetry. 

In reading this book, it brings to life the deeds of George Washington for children in an interesting way. When your child reads this book or you read this book to your child, your child discovers the lost tools of being a true leader. This is a wonderful book for children to read to learn a few things about our first President of the United States of America. A quiz for this book can be printed out at this RC Vocabulary Quiz Index by the Walker Family. 

This book can be read for FREE online at Archive.org

If you'd like a personal copy of this book, it can be purchased online at Amazon.com

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