PaperBackSwap...It's like getting FREE books!

This is least it is for my household!

 PaperbackSwap is a place online where you list your books. You order books, in which another member will send to you at no charge. You too, do the same when another member orders a book from you. You can simply print out a label and mail it directly from your mailbox. For every book you sell, you get a point which you can then use to order a book FREE from their huge database. And when you sign up and list 10 books, they give you two points to start ordering stuff right away.

 You can enjoy the benefits from this wonderful program by visiting PaperBackSwap and please put "missdebbie" as your referral so I can get a credit too!

Thank you,

 Miss Debbie

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  Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.


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