Questions from Facebook users - "The Tooth Fairy is broke and needs to get creative tonight! Any ideas to share?" ~L.C.S.

The top answers I like are - Answer #1:
Go to Storyline Online then select the story "Dad, Are You the Tooth Fairy". The story book is in streaming video and is read by Jason Alexander, the author. We've sat watched this when each tooth has lost and my little one loves it! It's great bonding time too. Stay upbeat! I like the idea about leaving a note and if you have just a little change or even just a little of something to leave, kids love that! We parents are the ones that worry too much. Leave an I.O.U. note saying, "Oops, had to collect a lot of teeth tonight".

If you like the book and want to own it or give it as a gift, it's a little over $6 for a new one through Another place to check would be where you can find a lot of used books at a low price.

Answer #2: When I don't have any ones..I give them a "gift certificate" them to some candy or a 2 dollar toy. I do this even with my 11 year old and it does not matter how often teeth are lost. They only do this stage once in their lives:) ~A.F.H.

Answer #3: Skittles. They lose more that way, but it's cheaper. ~L.R.

Awww, how sweet!


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